Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Job

As of Wednesday I work at a cute salon in town called The Lemons Salon. I make some pretty good money. It will be part time work. Just two days a week. I will continue to work at my other job. Which is a butcher shop. I wrap the meat. Some times I clean and some times I paint too.

The owner of the salon is 20 years old. Just out of hair school a year but she is on the ball and very driven. So I have been very busy with two jobs, my kids, my husband, house cleaning, two cats and mountains of laundry.

One little perk of this new job is that I get free tanning. I will be taking advantage of that but not to much because I dont want skin cancer any time to soon.


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Aelysium said...

Hey, good luck with the new job! Sounds like it will be a good thing.