Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Very First Time

Yes, I have finally done it. I have started my very own blog. I was looking a bunch of friends blogs this morning and started thinking about starting my own. So if anyone feelslike reading about my so very excting life, they can. Like today, I caulked around my tub.

I know, I know....its so much excitment that you wanna be at my house dont you?

This is it for now. I will have to mess around later and make this place mine.


CTR2002 said...


You're here!

So happy!

Huri said...

tee hee hee
thanks my friend

Elaine said...

ok...I think U are Great for starting a Blog...I started mine...not official yet...

I do think you stole all my

. . . . . . .'s

but I love ya anyway!!

Marnee said...

Hey my friend!!!

Looks great!!!!

Love ya, true story

LeaAnne said...

yay a new blogging pal! :)

elaine said...

Congrats! Good job for caulking around your tub. I actually woke up thinking I should do that today.

mnz said...

WELCOME TO BLOGGING!!!! I just started mine a month or so ago - and I love it! I hope you find you love doing it too.


Aelysium said...

Hey! Sweet. Blogging is kind of fun. It's definitely a good way to get some rambling done. You need to put up some pictures of your cute kids!
Sorry we won't see you guys this weekend, I hope everybody has a great 4th.

7up said...

Berry nice, Huri. That was I have to say one of the most exciting blogs I have ever read!!! hee, hee.

Toni said...

You beat me by a couple of weeks, I started mine just recently too. However, I am still leary of opening it up to the world.


Elaine said...

Ok...I have been wanting MORE...MORE MORE!!!