Monday, May 11, 2009

As we were in Idaho vivisting family, Sami has cousins who have Nintendo DS's. She has wanted one for a long time. Mom has never wanted to buy her one. But her grandma doesnt mind buying her one. See that pink one in her hand?

Yep, thats hers. So there she is sitting with two of her cousins, with their minds totally into the game they are playing. I was worried about her having one. I dont think I need to worry. At least not now. They played outside on the scooters A LOT. She is currently playing with her sister with Polly Pocket dolls.

This second picture is of her and her cousin, Trey. When we were picked up from the airport those two had to share a seat belt and they were both facing away from each other as much as possible. By the time we got to my sister-in-laws house they were like long lost friends. They will talk for hours and sit really close to each other while they play their DS's. It was fun to tease them about being kissing cousins.


elaine said...

Good stuff. Family can be such a great feeling sometimes.

Misc Molly said...

Such cute pictures!!

Don't worry about the time between posts. I went two years. ;-)

Love your guts!!

Aelysium said...

looks like you had a good time. Sami is a cuite. :)